Is your dog Microchipped???


Microchipping will soon be compulsory for all dog owners in England, following an announcement made by the Westminster Government that has been welcomed by Dogs Trust.




When a stray dog is collected by Torbay Council, they have a duty under law to keep that dog for 7 days to allow time for the owner to collect.

If the dog is not claimed it will cost the local authority a minimum of £167.33. If a dog is collected by it's owner, the charge will initially be approximately £122, which will then increase on a daily rate due to kennel charges. This will also include a government fine, as shown below.  

stray dogs


At the Party in the Car Park event in October 2013, one of the more successful and popular attractions of the day was the free micro-chipping. Currently you can expect to pay anything up to £50 to get your dog micro-chipped. Provided by the Dogs Trust, over 100 dogs were Micro-chipped, saving the Hele & Barton community approximately £5000 on the day. Brian Mallaney, Torbay Street Warden said, “it was a fantastic day and it was good to see so many people taking advantage of the free Micro-chipping”.

Most veterinary practices in the Torbay area can microchip your dog, along with a growing number of local authorities and animal welfare groups. Click on the links below for more information and advice.


Visit the Dogs Trust website & Torbay Councils website for more information.


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